How to start keto – my two cents

I googled “How to start keto” and got 228,000 hits. So does the internet need another one? Probably not. Nevertheless, here is number 228,001.

Results may vary.

We’re all different. What worked for me may not work for you. I’ve seen articles suggesting that our different carb “requirements” may be built into our DNA. Of course, these weren’t actually articles, but reality ads for DNA testing. I haven’t had any sugar or other refined carbohydrates for the last 10 moths. Except for cravings the first 2 weeks, I haven’t really missed them at all. I’ve had a few days that were less successful, but even then, when I overate, it was low carb keto food I ate too much of. The only high carb day I had was my great pistachio debacle, but even then, it was high carb but not sweet. Other people find giving up sweet food nearly impossible. Is it genetics or an acquired addiction? Nature or nurture? Who knows?



How to start keto ver. 228001.0

My two cents:

1. Rather than starting gradually, right now while you are highly motivated, go to strict keto.

2. Download Carb Manager. It’s a great way of tracking your food, weight, exercise. And everything you need is in the free version. If you are considering the premium version, wait a bit. They will offer you a discount price.

3. Lots of water, I mean lots of it. Get plenty of salt, Redmans Real or Himalayan Pink. Take a multivitamin and a magnesium supplement that includes magnesium glycinate. (I’ve been on keto 9 months and never had the “keto flu” which really ought to be called the “electrolyte flu”. This is how).




4. Start with simple Keto: meat, eggs, bacon,
leafy greens, EVOO, butter, avocados. You can add nut flours and xanthum gum later, if you get bored.

5. Eliminate everything sweet, real or artificial. This is hard at first, which is why I think doing it right away while you’re motivated is best. Keto is so much easier with the sugar monkey off your back.

6. For me, 12/12 was the perfect introduction to both keto and IF. I tried longer fasts but couldn’t hack it. Start with 3 meals a day, no snacks. 12 hours eating, then 12 hours not eating. Whenever your first meal starts your third meal should end 12 hours later. It’s close to the standard eating pattern of most people, so it’s the easiest transition. It’s essentially 3 fasts a day, 2 short, 1 long. And for the long one I was mostly asleep. After a couple of months of that, 6/18 became easy. It was just skipping breakfast a few times a week.

7. Resist the urge to buy all sorts of gadgets, supplements (except magnesium), cookware, etc., at least at first. If your diet only seems real to you if you spend a lot of cash, use your money to buy higher quality food, like grass finished meat, organic veggies, pastured eggs.

8. Go to YouTube and spend a few hours with, Dr Jason Fung. There are lots of other great youtubers, too. But Dr Fung is the Yoda of fighting obesity and T2D.

7. Stay fully engaged. Get support.

Getting support.

It’s always toughest doing it alone. If you have a friend who is interested, do it together. If not, there is plenty of support on social media. I especially like Facebook. There are many FB groups, open and closed, that are great. I have several I frequent. And don’t just lurk, get involved. However, remember these are not experts just other people on keto. Any advice or philosophical pronouncements on Keto should be taken with a gran of salt, Himalayan Pink, of course.

Educate yourself.

Take a deep dive into the science and practice of Keto. There are many, too many, keto Youtube channels of varying quality. Check out a number of them. You’ll find ones that speak to you. Don’t rely on any one source.

There are also literally thousands of books on keto. If you have Kindle Unlimited there are thousands you can get for free. If you don’t have kindle Unlimited to can sign up for a 30-day free trial, read a bunch of books and cancel on day 29. Or if, like me you find you like the service, you can let the subscription kick in.

The naysayers

Friend: Wow! You look great. You’ve lost so much weight.

Me: I’ve lost 100 lbs. not only that, my blood sugar has gone down to the normal range. My blood pressure is now normal. My Ha1c has dropped 5 points and my Doctor is cutting back on my diabetes meds.

Friend: wonderful. How are you doing it?

Me: Keto.

Friend: oh, I hear that’s unhealthy.

Yes, keto is controversial. There is so much misinformation, mythology, and folklore surrounding what constitutes a healthy diet, even among the medical and nutrition professions. Actually, especially among the medical and nutrition professions. If your health care professional tells you not to do keto, let that be the start of the conversation. Make them defend their opinion. Many will get very vague very quickly. Others may get angry that you would question them. These you want to get out of your life.

Mothers, mothers-in-law, friends, coworkers, especially vegan friends and coworkers, will tell you that you’re killing yourself, even that you’re killing the planet. This is why you need to educate yourself.


Keto works for me. I’ve been doing it for 10 months with great success. Is it for everybody? Maybe not. But give it a try. This article shows you how I stared on my Keto journey. If it doesn’t work for you, I’m sorry. You can try one of the 228,000 other versions. I wish you success and good health.

Oh and if you do try my version I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment, please.

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