Kwik Keto – Chorizo con Huevos por Keto

Traditionally, chorizo con huevos are just chorizo and eggs scrambled together. Fry the chorizo until it’s cooked through, then add the slightly beaten eggs and scramble them together. Serve them with tortillas (or low carb tortillas) and salsa. I sometimes make it that way. It’s certainly the easiest. I skip the tortillas. But I prefer my eggs over easy, whites firm, yolks soft. So I make chorizo and eggs more like huevos rancheros. Here’s how:


Chorizo 2.5 oz

Eggs 2

Onion 1/4 medium chopped.

cumin seeds

Scallions (Optional) chopped

Cilantro (optional) coarsely chopped.

Jalapeños (optional)

A word about chorizo

Chorizo is just the Spanish word for sausage. Everywhere they speak Spanish, from Spain to Tierra del Fuego, they make something they call chorizo. But I’m from Los Angeles. Here, when we say chorizo, we mean Mexican Chorizo. It can be found in most supermarkets, in the Southwest anyway. Mexican Chorizo is uncooked and usually sold in the meat section, in flat packs like hamburger or in plastic tubes made to look like a fat sausage.

The serving size here is 2.5 oz. if you have a kitchen scale you can weigh it. Otherwise, the flat packs are usually a pound (16 oz.), so just divide it up into 6 pieces. The tubes are usually 10 oz so the math is even easier. Anybody? Let’s not always see the same hands. (answer: 4 pieces).

Commercially available chorizo usually has a small amount of soy or grits added. A serving can have from 1g to 4g of carbs. If that doesn’t fit your concept of Keto, you can make your own. It’s not very difficult and recipes and demos abound on YouTube and elsewhere. Here’s one I like.

If you want something easier, you can also buy Chorizo Mix. That’s what I usually do. I make it a pound (of ground pork or beef) at a time according to directions on the package. It takes just a few minutes. Let it sit covered in the fridge over night, then use it or freeze it in one serving sizes.


Break the chorizo up into a small skillet over medium heat.

Once some of the fat has rendered out of the meat,  add the onions, cumin, and jalapeños.

Stir fry until the Chorizo is fully cooked and the onions are glassy, about 5 minutes.

With a large flat spatula, flatten the mixture into an even layer.

Break the eggs over the mixture taking care not to break the yolks.*

Cook sunny side up or cover for “over easy.” Over easy usually takes about 2 minutes, but I always check on them after one minute.* (I really need to invest in a glass lid.)

When eggs are done, carefully transfer to plate.

Garnish with scallions and cilantro.

*If the yolks break, the traditional scrambled method is still open to you. Quickly whisk the eggs with a fork before the whites have chance to set. Then scramble it all together.

* The eggs can also be finished in the oven. This I never do. I don’t want to heat the oven for one small plate of eggs. But if you’re cooking a big batch, you might want to try it. Watch carefully so the eggs don’t over cook.


This is one of my favorite breakfasts. The macros are pretty good,too: (homemade chorizo version) net carbs 4g (3.4%), protein 30g (22.8%), fat 43g (73.8%), calories

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