Kwik Keto – Fisherman’s Eggs.

Something from my English heritage.

Fisherman’s Eggs

This recipe, if you can call it that, is pretty simple. It’s just sardines and eggs. The macros are good and it’s loaded with omega-3, DHA. and no carbs.


1 tin of sardines, water packed. You can use 2 if you need the protein.






3 pasture raised eggs.




2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1. Open and drain the sardines. (I like the water packed. I add my own EVOO, so I know it’s good. You can use the olive oil pack sardines, if that’s all you have. Cut back a little on the added EVOO. )
  2. Heat a small cast iron skillet or whatever pan you usually use for frying eggs.
  3. Add the olive oil and let it heat up. ( wet your finger tips and flick a few drops of water into the oil. If it sizzles it’s ready)
  4. Add the sardines.
  5. Turn them, like you would when stir frying. Not too long, they are already cooked, just til heated. The stir frying will have broken them up into largish chunks.
  6. Spread the sardines out into an even layer.
  7. Break the eggs over the sardines taking care not to break the eggs.
  8. Cook the eggs sunny side up, or put a lid on it for “over easy” you want the whites firm and the yolks soft.
  9. Carefully move the cooked combination to a plate with a flat metal spatula.
  10. Scrape the empty skillet with the spatula to loosen any browned bits and drizzle them and the remaining oil around the eggs.
  11. Serve with pink salt and freshly ground pepper.


I usually garnish them with chopped scallions or chives. You can add other spices, if you like, but I find that the strong flavor of the sardines is enough. Some cooks move it to the oven after adding the eggs. That’s good, too. But I don’t what to heat up my entire oven just to cook eggs for 5 minutes.

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