Lodge cast iron cookware. product review

Product: Lodge Cast iron Cookware

Price: $69.95 set of 5

Cheapest Place to Buy:Amazon.com

Size of Container: 14.95” x 14.2” x 7.8” 28.9 lbs Prime Eligible

Guarantee: limited lifetime guarantee

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Lodge Cast Iron cookware

Why cast iron?

  • Cast iron heats evenly. It heats up slowly but evenly and it retains its heat.
  • Versatile, use it on the stove or in the oven. Take it camping and use it over a open fire.
  • Great for one pot meals. You can sauté your vegetables in it on the stove. Then brown the meat. Then move the whole thing to the oven for roasting. Then after taking out and transferring the meat and vegetables to a platter, you can put the skillet back on the stove, turn up the heat to brown the cracklings a bit then deglaze the pan for gravies or sauces, or to reserve the now highly flavorful fat.
  • A better roaster – it will spread the heat more evenly than a  ceramic dish or tin roasting pan. It will be easier to clean, too.
  • Naturally non-stick. When properly seasoned a cast iron skillet is coated with a thin layer of polymerized oil non-stick enough to make an omelet, but durable enough that you can turn it up to smoking to sear a steak.
  • Strong, durable, will last a lifetime. Unlike many modern specialty pans with plastic handles and Teflon coating, a cast iron pan won’t wear out. I have one of my grandmother’s
  • Actually good for you. Using cast iron regularly can provide you with iron, an essential mineral in which many people are deficient.

What cast iron can’t do

  • Highly acidic foods. This is half true. You wouldn’t to make spaghetti sauce in it and let it simmer. The acid would eat away at the seasoning. But if your stir-fry, includes tomatoes, that would be fine. Also, deglazing the pan with wine or brandy won’t hurt it either.
  • Store food. Water is the enemy of iron and most food has water in it. If you store something it in the fridge overnight it may begin to rust.
  • Soak in the sink. If some slightly aqueous foodstuff is bad for it, imagine what soaking in dishwater overnight will do.
  • Go in the dishwasher. Worst of all would be putting it in the dishwasher. It won’t hurt it, but all that water will destroy the seasoned layer. You have to repeat the long seasoning process, and even then it will take some use before it’s back as good as it was.

The Lodge Cast Iron Company

American made. Most cast iron pans these days are made in China. Lodge skillets are made in South Pittsburg, Tennessee (pop. 3300)

Continuity. Joseph Lodge opened his foundry in 1896. In 1910, it burnt down and he rebuilt 3 blocks South. It has remained in operation on that spot ever since. It has remained a family business. The current CEO and Chairman are both great-grandsons of Joseph.

Good corporate citizens. Lodge has a history of good citizenship. In the Great Depression, when the bottom fell out of the pots and pans market, to keep the foundry running and the workers paid, lodge started making iron garden gnomes and animal statuary. They are continually redesigning their process to make it more efficient and less polluting. They built settling ponds for their waste water and added plants and fish to stimulate biological filtration. The waste water is now cleaner than the river into which it flows.

They stand behind their products. Their product is their family reputation. The pledge a lifetime guarantee on all their products.

Tour the factory.


So if you’re a cook, and especially a Keto cook, you owe it to yourself to be cooking with cast iron. And Lodge make the best. The best deal you’ll find is the 5 pice set on Amazon.

Sadly, they no longer make garden gnomes.

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