Mighty Leaf Yin Hao Jasmine Tea

Product: Yin Hao Jasmine Tea

Price: $15.95

Cheapest Place to Buy: Peet’s Coffee

Size of Container: 4 oz.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Benefits of Green tea.

I entered “green tea benefits” into Yahoo and got 35 million hits. I read the first few. According to the articles, it is effective in treating cancer, improving your heart, lowering your cholesterol, improving your memory, lowering your risk of a stroke, fighting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, protecting your teeth, lowering your risk of infection, and it makes your live longer. For all I know, some of these may even be true. You can drink it or take it in capsules. On Amazon green tea gets 50,000 hits, from a $3.00 box of teabags to $39.95 for extract capsules.

What is true is that green tea contains polyphenol and catechin, both known to be loaded with antioxidants. So, is it good for your? Yes. How good? Opinions vary. I’m glad it’s healthy, but that’s not why I drink it. Now that I’m on keto, In the hours of my fasts, I drink water, black coffee, and tea. I like water and I love coffee, but even I can’t drink coffee all night. So, I have become a connoisseur of tea, especially the lower caffeine varieties.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is tea, usually green tea, infused with the scent of jasmine flowers. People who take green tea for medicinal purposes may prefer the plain green tea, but for the rest of us, people who drink tea for pleasure, jasmine tea is the most popular green tea. It’s the tea your will get at your average Chinese restaurant in the U.S., though usually not a particularly high grade.


Yin Hao

To make Jasmine tea, the dried tea is mixed with Jasmine flowers during the day when the Jasmine blossoms are closed. At night, they open, releasing their powerful scent. This scented air is more moist than the dried leaves, so the leaves absorb it and along with it they absorb the scent. The tea is then dried again and the scent remains. The highest grade of jasmine tea is called Yin Hao. To make Yin Hao Jasmine this process is repeated several times.


Mighty Leaf Yin Hao

The best Yin Hao I ever tasted I got at Peet’s Coffee. The aroma is amazing. And the taste, it’s like drinking flowers. For this tea the leaves are picked in the early spring when the new growth appears. This tea is then dried and stored until summer. In summer when the jasmine is about to bloom, the tightly closed buds are picked in the morning. Then the dried tea is mixed with the flowers in alternating layers and sealed for the night. The next morning the blossoms are removed and new closed buds are added. This process is repeated for 5 times, for 5 nights. The result is the most intensely floral Jasmine tea your can buy.

A few years back, the brand name of all the teas sold at Peet’s Coffee was changed from Peet’s to Mighty Leaf. Peet’s had aquired the Sausalito based boutique tea company, Mighty Leaf. I suspect that Peet’s had been marketing Mighty Leaf all along under its own label. Though some reviewers claim they can tell the difference, the Peet’s and Mighty Leaf taste the same to me, wonderful. Which cannot be said of many other Yin Hao brands I have tried. They all pale by comparison to Peet’s and Mighty Leaf. Whatever the true provenance is, Mighty Leaf is now my brand. I prefer to buy the tins of loose tea and brew it the old-fashioned way.

Though Amazon carries many Mighty Leaf varieties, they don’t carry Mighty Leaf’s Yin Hao. I don’t know why not. Perhaps there isn’t enough of it for the retail giant. (Hmm. . . Perhaps I shouldn’t be telling your this.) Anyway the only place your can find it at Peet’s, both in stores and on Peet’s website. If your want the very best Jasmine tea available, Check it out.

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