My Morning Chupacabra. My Big Keto Cheat. Update.

For the most part, I am satisfied with the food available to me on the Ketogenic lifestyle. Between meat and potatoes, I’d choose the meat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I didn’t eat carbs. I ate a lot of them, but always preferred savory to sweet. I’d chose fries over cake, pizza over candy. Since keto give me lots of the fat and protein I crave most, I find I don’t really miss the carbs. They were just a medium for soaking up the fat. And “riced” cauliflower does that just fine.

Except for my morning Chupacabra. I called it that because it is a monster of a morning eye opener made with goat milk, cacao and a triple espresso. Even using stevia instead of sugar, it comes in at 20g of carbohydrates, my entire daily allotment on keto. It is essentially a huge powerful caffè mocha. Before Keto, I started every morning with it, or rather, it started me. Now I have just the triple espresso instead. But since I’m now planing my meals and tracking my macros, l can plan for a scaled down version occasionally.


Cacao. I use Kiva Raw Organic Cacao Powder (Unsweetened Cocoa – Dark Chocolate Powder) It’s delicious and high in magnesium, among other good things.


Goat milk. I use Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk. Sometimes I use the fresh, but it hard to find. Some people who can’t digest cows milk, have no problem with goats milk. I wouldn’t know, I have no,problem with either. Goat milk just tastes better. When you are used to goat milk, cow milk seems flavorless. Also, goats are usually more humanely raised than dairy cows and are mostly grass fed.



How to make it.

I make the espresso in my Bialetti 6 cup stovetop espresso maker. To me that is one cup of coffee. Okay, so I lied. “Triple esspresso” was a euphemism.

Meanwhile, I bring 250ml of water (about 1 cup) to boil in a Pyrex measuring cup in my microwave.

Put 2 scoops of powdered goat milk and 1 scoop of cocoa powder into a 500ml coffee mug.

Add a half a packet of stevia. This makes it not sweet, but only bittersweet, which I prefer, especially with chocolate.

Pour the boiling water into the mug, which fills it half way.

Then mix it with an immersion blender until all the lumps are gone.

By now the espresso should be done. Pour it into the mug and stir a bit.

Sip it slowly while you watch the sunrise. Perfection.


The modified Keto version.

Quite simple, really. Use half as much milk (1 scoop) and slightly less cocoa. This will bring it down to between 10g and 14g of carbs. Call it 14, to be safe. It will taste a little thinner. You could use less water. I suppose I could use heavy cream instead, but goat milk has so much more flavor.

i just found powdered goat cream on Amazon but haven’ ordered it yet. That could be a game changer. Yikes! Kinda pricey!


So there you have it, my big keto cheat. It’s not really a cheat if I am very meager with my carbs for the rest of the day, but that’s too limiting on a daily basis. My daily morning Chupacabra has become an occasional treat. Not ideal, but I can live with it.


I ordered the above mentioned Capra Cream. It’s delicious. The same company, Mt Capra, also makes goat ghee. Made this way, it’s no longer a cheat.

Picture is a screen shot from “Carb Manager” an app I highly recommend, and it’s free.


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